Higher Self Yoga 

& Healing

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Chakra Healing
The chakras are the main powerhouse of energy that is present in out energy body. They directs the cosmic energy into our physical, mental, emotional bodies and are responsible for our over all well being, health and success. The chakras should be open, rounded and balanced without any blockages. During our lives we collect so much etheric, emotional and mental garbage into our chakras that the flow of energy is constrained. Just like we need to maintain our physical body through regular physical excercise, diet etc, similarly our Energy body in the form of chakras require regular upkeep and maintenance. 
This chakra healing helps to balance your chakras and free them of all etheric, emotional blockages. The session focusses on activcating the Chakras using the specific mantras for each chakras. It is followed by me energetically connecting to your chakras and doing an energy transmission from the higher dimensions to unblock the chakras and ensure their proper functioning bringing the divine cosmic energy into your energetic body.

Chakra Healing Session
I conduct the session on Webinar / Skype and it usually lasts between 45 minutes to an hour. We start with a Chakra meditation using visualisation and sounds for energising each chakra. This helps activate the chakras and the life force energy. I then connect you to your higher self after which I start energy transmission using frequencies of higher dimensions resonating in Divine Unconditional Love and one by one I clear all your Chakras of any blockages present in them. In the end I do a download from your higher self that keeps you anchored with your higher self and you start receiving new soul programming and guidance in your life.

Chakra Meditation