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Abi: I felt peaceful and lifted in my conciousness, my mind felt opened and clearer. - London

Ianthe: Lovely resonating vibrations of mantras through the core of the body. - London Om Yoga Show

Caroline: I had a great experience and felt vibrations in my throat chakra, third eye and on my head. Certainly worth trying :-) - London

Sunil: Thanks for the pleasant introduction to chakras. Learnt a new avenue in meditation. Good and clear explanations. London Om Yoga Show

Vicky: Lovely guy! Usually find it hard to concentrate but this was different :-)

Catherine Biewer - London: Puneet helped me by  teaching me how to meditate and breath properly, specific asanas to keep my root and heart chakras more balanced and quite a lot of healing. I always felt lighter in my mind after each session. He also gave me a lot of guidance and a really good schedule to keep my chakras balanced. I previously did a lot of Yoga and breathing exercises but that wasn't enough. Puneet was able to put it all together for me just like a puzzle so that I could properly heal. The result was that I now feel really grounded and I rarely feel any anxiety. I used to take calming herbal tablets to keep my anxiety at bay but no longer feel the need to take any.

One thing I really liked was the auric clearing, it balances all of your chakras so i felt amazing as if a lot of weight had been lifted.
This experience was truly life changing. I would recommend Puneet to any one who needs some healing physically and emotionally and and is looking for positive changes in their lives.

Paolo Yudi - London: Thank you very much for the clearing.  Here is my experience:  I felt very tired after our session of aura/chakra clearing.  Which I took as a good sign and was prepared for ... straight to bed.  The day or two the surrounding energy was a bit heavy, but with a subtle "ok" feeling intuitively.  

I have an amazing dream the second night. I dropped seeds on the ground, not necessary fertile ground, hard ground, which was clearly noted.  They instantly started sprouting and growing fast in front of my eyes.  Vine like limbs twisting and twining then .... beautiful flowers, lot of different brilliant colours (looking a bit like a Wisteria), making different shapes.  Dropping more seeds and watching how it quickly it sprouted and grew ....   The flowers never stopped coming .. dropping and growing non-stop.  My garden was full of spring flowers & colours .. all around me.  My whole being filled with joy and happiness ... I shouted out in happiness.  In my garden was only spring (all year) and everywhere else was dull winter!  People came from everywhere to see this.  I felt happy. The next few days I distinctly felt energetically lighter... and still do.  It feels easier to have positive thoughts and if negative heaviness arrises I am aware of its impermanence.  

In short I have found the clearing session very beneficial and thank you very much for this valuable opportunity to release and clear.  Increased connection to higher self and meditation has distinctly improved too.

Gemma Nichols - Ipswich: I can't thank you enough for re auric clearing, it was wonderful! I have felt happier and lighter ever since. For a couple of days after I had dreams about a past life! I dreamt I used to play the violin and of my previous name and date of birth. I've never experienced anything like it before. I will definitely be back to experience some other things you have to offer

Milos London: The Aura cleansing by Puneet was really special, I experienced great sense of relief, general well being, my everyday breathing patterns deepened. During cleansing, I felt hot burning sensation which was explained to me later - as burning karmic debt. Interestingly enough, my sibling and my parent suddenly experienced improved health and well being - which I can only explain by my action of doing aura cleansing and therefore burning common karma debt. I would warmly recommend Puneet's aura cleansing.

Amit Sharma - Singapore: I have known Puneet for Many years now and his in depth understanding of Spirituality and innate gifts have led him to where is now. He has been blessed with unique healing powers to help persons suffering with any kind of challenges in life be it physical ailment or a personal situation. The most important thing with this healing is that it cures the root cause of the issue and not just fixes things on the surface. I would recommend his healing to any one and everyone.

Rashmi Bhargava - India: Puneet helped me recover from my Ovarian Cancer. At times when I would come back from Chemotherapy sessions and would have red skin condition all over my body, his healing would give instant results. His continuous healing has helped me avert the recorrence of the cancer and helped me save thousands that I would have otherwise spent on medicines. This healing is a blessing for everyone.

Sunitha Singhal - India: I was diagnosed with Breast cancer and my son contacted Puneet. He gave me a prayer to say every night before sleeping that would connect me with my Kula Guru Gorakshnath. He then sent healing energy to me through my Guru whilst I used to be asleep. Doctors had advised me 6 sessions of Chemotherapy and then operation. Whilst healing Puneet would check my energy and after 3rd Chemo he told me that the disease should be gone completely now and asked us to get tests done. Doctors however refused and did another Chemo before doing the tests. When they did the tests they were surprised they could not find the cancerous growth anywhere. The healing saved me from 2 further chemotherapy sessions and the pain and money associated with it.  

Higher Energy, Higher Love, Higher Life, Higher Self...



Welcome to Higher Self Yoga, for meditation and techniques to connect to you Higher Self.


To birds eternal companions perch on the same tree one up high and other on a lower branch. One eats many fruits of various tastes. The other only witnesses without tasting. Sweet fruit makes the bird feel life is pleasurable. Bitter fruits makes her feel life is pain. Disappointed with pleasure and pain she finally looks up to the bird on the higher branch who is ever blissful and wishes to merge with it only to realise it was her own self all the time.... 

Mundaka Upanishada 3.1.1

We in this human birth are the expression of divinity and infinite wisdom is dormant within us. All this becomes available to us as we clear the blockages and establish connection with our higher self. Once this connection is established we start receiving direction and clarity to our purpose in life, what we are here to do, what primary energies at soul level did we choose to incarnate with in our life and life starts flowing smoothly. Any YOGA in its truest sense is the union of our human self with the higher levels of reality and consciousness. All traditions of yoga eventually take you towards this path of union with your higher self and eventually infinite consiousness where you become one with the universe and realise that you yourself are the universe. Here we present to you a selection of advanced Yoga practices, healing, clearings and activations to activate the dormant divine you.

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