Higher Self Yoga 

Book Launch in Toronto - Canada

We come into this world with such a pure, clear mind, totally connected with our inner wisdom our higher self. As we grow we pick up fears and limitations from the environment around us. By the time we reach adulthood, we have a lot of limiting beliefs that we are not even aware of and we start building our lives and our experiences around those false beliefs. Majority of the social programming and conditioning morphs us into someone self centered, fearful, hurtful and ignorant.

This book is an endeavour to help ignite your creative and authentic thinking process again. Within this book you will discover tips, tools and techniques that will enable you to restore back your connection with your higher self. Your higher self already knows the answers you are seeking. You simply need to do the inner work that is required to remove the blockages that are covering, clogging and blocking your connection with your Higher Self..

Memories of the previous book launch... :-)

Book Launch at OM YOGA SHOW - London

I Want To Break FREE

52 Golden Tips for Connecting with your Higher Self

Book Launching Soon...

With Legendary Jack Canfield author of Chicken Soup for the soul series

With Loral Langemeir one of the stars of the superhit movie The Secret

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